The fall sports season is upon us and if you are planning to capture the action with your DSLR or Mirrorless camera, some Sports and Action photography techniques will come in handy. One of the biggest challenges is avoiding blur, especially in nighttime or indoor sports. To accomplish this, the camera needs to operate at fast shutter speeds, preferably 1/250th sec. or faster. Under bright, sunny conditions, this can be as easy as using the Sports Mode in your camera’s auto menu. However, for indoor and nighttime action, more precise settings and some experimentation are in order.

Volleyball Sports and Action PhotographyHere are 5 shooting tips that will help you yield better results for sports and action photography:

1. Set your camera to Aperture Priority and open the aperture to F/4 or larger to allow for more light transmission and a faster shutter speed.

2. If you are getting blur in your images, raise your ISO setting to increase sensitivity and raise shutter speed.

3. Set your camera to Continuous High in the Drive Mode to capture multiple frames in each shooting sequence.

4. Set you Autofocus to AI Servo Mode and “Pan” or move the camera with the subject to ensure sharp focus.

5. Anticipate where the action will take place and be ready and in position to capture it. Try to shoot from a low camera angle from the sideline vs. simply shooting from the bleachers.

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Here is a quick gear list to help you capture the action:
Telephoto Lens
Tripod or Monopod
Fast Memory Card
Rain Cover