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#WeekendPhotoProject: It’s the little things

capturing little things

#WeekendPhotoProject: It’s the little things

We know that weekends can be pretty hectic–with Nebraska football and dance rehearsals and all–but how do you capture the little things?

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Should I format or erase my memory cards?

format erase memory cards

It’s Archiving Month at Rockbrook Camera, and what better time than to discuss how you work with your day-to-day memory cards!

You’ve backed up your photographs to your computer, an external hard drive, DVD, jump drive, prints, online backup, card catalog, or whatever other filing system you have devised–and now you’re ready to clear your card and start over. What is the best way to do it? There are a couple of options right on your camera: erasing and formatting. Both have their benefits, and both have their drawbacks.

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#WeekendPhotoProject: Photography Reflections

photography reflections

For this week’s #weekendphotoproject, we’re focusing on photography reflections.

Photography reflections are not easy to capture–especially if your subject is moving or the means for reflection isn’t still. You need to plan, to be creative, and be very patient.

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#WeekendPhotoProject: Negative Space

negative space

For this week’s #weekendphotoproject, we’re focusing on negative space.

Negative space is just that–empty space around an object. When used well, it gives more attention to the subject in the frame. Often times there is contrasting color, which increases the visual impact of the negative space.

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#WeekendPhotoProject: Independence Day

fireworks photo tips

For this week’s #weekendphotoproject, we’re focusing on Independence Day!

What is the best way to ensure you enjoy your 4th of July weekend? Spend it with great friends, family, food, and fireworks!

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Tips for the best Father’s Day photos ever!

fathers day photo tips

Father’s Day is coming up–he deserves to have a photo shoot all to himself! We thought we’d gather some of our favorite ideas and tips on taking the best Father’s Day photos ever and share them with you!

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Why printing photos at a real photo lab really is better

omaha photo lab

Our Facebook fan Keven Martin posted his amazing discovery on our wall last week: the photo lab at Rockbrook Camera prints better photos than the leading big box store. First, the image from our competitor:

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#WeekendPhotoProject: Macro textile

weekend photo project

For this week’s weekend photo project, we’re talking about macro textile photography.

Textiles can make for some incredible macro photography–whether it’s fabric, thread, fiber, and so on. You can use a macro lens or extension tubes to get as close as you can.

We’d love to hear what equipment you’re using to capture your macro textile photography in the comments! Share your photos on social media with the hashtag #weekendphotoproject, and feel free to tag us @rockbrookcamera, too! We’d love to share your photo creations!


5 Tips for Better Wildlife Photography

better wildlife photography

Five Tips for Better Wildlife Photography

Obviously it’s important to have the right equipment when shooting nature and wildlife photography, but there’s so much more you need to know before setting foot in the scene!

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Why you need a protective filter for your camera lens

protective filter

There’s so much more to a protective lens filter than its name: “protective.” Whether you’re using a protective filter strictly for protection or for UV glare–filters have many unrealized benefits.

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